Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the HASSAN ALI GROUP Website. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all visitors to our Homepage. Through this home page, you will get easy access to company’s corporate information which can help you. Thanks in advance for taking some time to screen the links and go through the documents currently available. We would appreciate receiving your comments since they will enable us to continue to develop this site by adding the information you expect from us. Hope you will find our homepage informative and useful, please do not hesitate to feedback us for any improvements

Our strategy to continue to hold our nerve and invest in our business has been effective. We have grown and managed our business efficiently while focusing on quality and delivering continuous improvements in our client service. We’ve also continued to attract talented people both in our traditional areas and those markets which present new opportunities for our firm. The key aspect of our strategy is staying close to our clients and our potential clients to gain a better understanding of their business and the challenges they face. Increasing diversity is an important part of our strategy: having a better balance positively influences our culture and our decision-making processes. It gives us a competitive edge and helps us to think differently, innovate and identify new opportunities. We remain committed to delivering the highest quality of professional service and advice to our clients. One of my priorities is setting the right ‘tone from the top’ to make sure that all of our people understand and support this goal.

Chairman & Managing Director
Sadiq Auyathin Saad Khawar