Selection Guide

We want to help you select the right aerial access equipment for the job.
Bellow are some quostions and terms to help you in that selection.

The Job
Let us know what kind of work you need to do.
What is the maximum height at which you need to work?

Platform Height
Subtract six (6) feet from working height to arrive at the maximum platform height of the equipment.

Platform Size/Capacity
Does the job require you to lift  only  personnel and tools or  is there a need for materials to be elevated , as well? The size and weght of your load must be matched to the platform size and capacity of equipment.

Can the equipment be placed directly bellow the work area, or are there obstacles that require equipment capable of reaching over or around them?

Ground Level Factor
Are you working on a smooth slab or on rough terrain? Is the surface level and firm? Are there weight restrictions? Do you have complete access to your work?

Always read the operator’s manual before operating any equipment. Always follow all safety instructions.

selection Guide