Street Light Maintenance

The Hassan Ali GroupĀ is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and upgrade of roadway light fixtures and lighting systems. These lights and systems have a million replacement value. The Hassan Ali Group does not maintain lighting on private property, including parking lots, driveways, and private streets. With proper maintenance and renewal, most street lights will last 10 years or longer. The Hassan Ali Group that supports a decorative street light can last 10 years with proper maintenance.

The Hassan Ali Group that supports a cobra head is usually a utility Hassan Ali Group and is the responsibility of the utilities, not the City. The decorative lighting wiring systems are fed via underground cables that are starting to reach the end of their lives. Old lead cables are being replaced now, but many more need to be replaced. Decorative poles that were installed nearly a century ago also need to be replaced.

Maintenance activities consist of repair of electrical wiring and light fixtures, replacement of burned-out lamps, repair and replacement of damaged equipment caused by auto accidents and vandalism, and marking the location of underground electrical conduits for the Underground Service Alert (USA) program.

Street Light